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If you’re over 35, have started to build wealth and feel you should probably have a Will or Estate Plan in place to protect your legacy and your loved ones…LGen is the easiest way to get started.

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What Is Estate Planning?

Creating and maintaining documents and appointing family, friends or advisors with instructions for protecting your assets, so they’re distributed to your chosen persons or organisations upon your passing. You can also instruct what you’d like to happen if circumstances make it challenging to make your own decisions with regards to your health, medical and living arrangements. 

Why Estate Planning?

None of us know when something could go wrong which affects our ability to make decisions – if it does, we want to be looked after.

We want our key family, friends and advisors to know our exact intentions and have the legal authority to action them, so we can protect our legacy and our loved ones. 

Your intentions and those important to you will change over time – Estate Planning takes care of all eventualities, so you can be protected.

Why Now?

It can be easy to put this off, we get it. Protecting your legacy and your loved ones is important to you…but it mightn’t always feel urgent. 
Putting it off however can be draining as the incomplete commitment to your loved ones sits on your to do list. If you’d like to protect your legacy and your loved ones, LGen is the easiest way to get started.

Do You Have?

  • A Will to look after your intentions with regards to your responsibilities, children and assets after your passing, including your funeral wishes?
  • A Power of Attorney to look after your legal and financial affairs and assets if you’re not able to for any reason?
  • A Care Directive to look after your health decisions and living arrangements if you’re not able to?

What’s the difference between an Estate Plan and a Will?

Great question! While a Will is a single document which only covers your assets, some of your responsibilities and your funeral wishes, an Estate Plan is a comprehensive set of documents which are also effective during your lifetime such as a Care Directive or Power of Attorney. 

Would you like to…

  • Protect your legacy and your loved ones, but aren’t sure where to start?
  • Avoid dumping a tonne of work and difficult decisions on your family and friends?
  • Have your life celebrated and your wealth passed on in a way which honours your wishes?

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Did you know?

80% of adult Australians don’t have an up to date Will (it’s ok, you’re not the only one…)

Contesting Wills is the fastest growing area of family law, wasting trillions of dollars of legal fees every year (get organised, avoid the family fight)

96% of Wills and Estate Plans don’t require interaction with a Lawyer (relax, we make it easy!)

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