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What is Estate Planning?

Estate Planning is the process of creating and maintaining a comprehensive set of documents, including assigning trusted family, friends or advisers to key roles and providing detailed instructions during your lifetime in advance of:
1. you become incapacitated or circumstances make it impossible for you to make your own decisions with regards to your health, medical & living arrangements, and

2. when you decease, your funeral is going to be held and your assets and responsibilities are going to pass on to your beneficiaries.


What is the difference between an Estate Plan and a Will?

Estate Plan

An Estate Plan is a comprehensive plan that includes documents that are effective during your lifetime as well as documents that aren’t in effect until your death.


A Will is a single document that only covers your assets, some of your responsibilities, your funeral wishes and how you wish your body to be “handled” e.g. organ donation etc

Why Estate Planning?

During your lifetime, things will go wrong and eventually, you will decease, you just don’t know when they will happen, Estate Planning is about putting plans and legal documentation in place so when they do occur, you and those you have assigned key roles know exactly your intentions and have the legal authority to action them.

As things change in your life your intentions will change, those important in your life will change and you need to be prepared for these changes. Comprehensive Estate Planning takes care of all eventualities and are ready for when the unexpected occurs.

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Our Goal

To deliver the best Estate Planning Solutions to all Australians


By cutting out expensive legal time and services with automation and technology, the LGen system is easily understood and minimises the time to deliver affordable
Estate Planning solutions


With an LGen Estate Plan you, your loved ones, your trusted family and friends have at their disposal the best tools and support for dealing with any end of life, capacity and probate matters.
No other Estate Planning service offers a combined approach to creating, maintaining and executing your intentions.


You, your situation and your legacy are all unique, a tailored approach in creating your legal documents is so important that they concisely convey your intentions. LGen’s approach to Estate Planning has been developed with this as a priority.

Protecting your legacy for generations to come is our priority.


The LGen Way!

Estate Planning Done Differently


You, your family situation, your assets and your legacy are unique.

Our goal is a personalised and tailored approach to creating your comprehensive estate plan that concisely expresses your


Using comprehensive prescribed legal documents, integrated with legal professionals & our own Estate Plan Specialists we deliver your Estate Plan to quality well above and beyond your


Our unique method of creating and maintaining Estate Plans integrating the LGen Hub with our Estate Plan facilitation specialists dramatically improves current Estate Planning processes that create a “wow, that was easier than expected” feeling for each client.


We have developed our systems to provide you with a modern way of creating and maintaining your Estate Plan, not just re-jigging old lawyerish ways, our systems reflect that your Estate Plan is a dynamic plan that needs to be updated and modified as dynamically as your life changes.


We have integrated the entire Estate Planning process that not only creates & stores the legal documents, it also allows for directions to be given to key role holders and a system for them to
follow when they are called up.


Hosted in Australia & with our entire Estate Plan Specialists teams based in Australia, your data is secure and you are dealing
with locals that understand how life is here, not just from a cultural aspect but also as a family and community.