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Client Stories

Time Poor and Unsure Where To Start

Danny wanted a Will which included Guardianship (to make lifestyle, health and medical decisions on his behalf) for his 2 children, but didn’t have time to do everything on his own after discovering his situation was more complicated than anticipated. As a small business owner his assets were not correctly structured, his wife had different ideas about how to handle the situation and they didn’t know where or how to start without sounding ignorant or uncaring.

Danny proceeded with the LGen Estate Plan Facilitation Service however, after receiving timely
reminders on how to proceed with his Estate Plan and progress calls to provide support and manage the process.

The biggest benefit for Danny was the comprehensive Estate Plan which took care of Asset Protection and Guardianship in a timely manner and within budget, getting him and his wife on the same page, providing peace of mind and allowing him to get on with his hectic schedule. Danny has since provided 5 referrals.

Worried About Finances

Debra was increasingly worried about her financial situation since she and her spouse no longer have the relationship they used to before kids. She worries the relationship mightn’t work out, leaving her without options to enjoy some financial independence while still caring for her kids. Her spouse was the main source of inertia, not seeing the need to protect Debra and the 2 kids if something happened to him because he felt bullet proof.

Debra went ahead after her spouse realised that taking care of the kids was the most important thing and that even though he felt bullet proof, circumstances could result in one or both of them not being able to do this.

The biggest benefit for Debra was knowing she could count on some financial assistance and emotional relief if something did go wrong or in the event of separation, reducing her everyday worries so she could focus on the relationship.

How Do I Protect My Assets and Kids?

After years of busily raising kids, building a nice nest egg and being financially well-off, Dee is increasingly concerned that these assets aren’t being managed properly and that she and her spouse have no protection in place for them. While they have 2 investment properties and some cash in a term deposit account which she just keeps rolling over…Dee had that nagging feeling that they’re ‘missing a trick or two’ and didn’t know whether to start with asset management/protection, a Will, protecting the kids…it all felt a bit overwhelming.

A friend in a similar situation started their family’s Estate Planning and spoke highly of the process and the sense of relief from having a Will which resonated with Dee.

The biggest benefit for Dee was having proper financial management and protection for their assets, along with a Will which protected their kids. Just as a friend referred Dee to LGen, she has referred her siblings, friends and parents after being delighted with their service.

How Will My Spouse Cope?

Doug is worrying his health may be wavering and has been wondering how his spouse would cope if something happened to him. While motivated to find answers after hearing 1 – 2 stories about colleagues suffering ill health (or passing away) and the financial devastation this can place on family, Doug wasn’t sure whether he should go to a Lawyer first.

After understanding the role we play Doug felt our process made sense and proceeded, so we could coordinate specialist legal advice, organise legal documents for all possible scenarios (e.g. if he passed away first or needed to go into a frail care facility) and provide guidance on how to best protect his intentions.

He appreciated our clear recommendations which he used for discussions with his spouse so she clearly understood the next steps, along with the protection afforded to their kids and grandkids which brought a significant sense of relief.