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The Steps of Estate Planning

85% of adult Australians do not have an up to date Will. Why?

Estate Planning is important for everyone, no matter their age or wealth.
Here’s how LGen will work with you to get yours in place in 7 easy steps


What do you already have in place?

There are 3 essential components of an Estate Plan

i. Enduring Power of Attorney (EPoA)
Looks after your legal and financial affairs when you are not able to while you are alive

ii. Enduring Guardianship
Looks after your health and lifestyle decisions when you are not able to while you are alive

iii. Will
Look after your intentions with regards to your minor children and your assets after you pass away.

If you do not have any of these in place or do not reflect your current situation or intentions, then we recommend an Estate Planning assessment to establish what is missing.


Family, health and assets

Everyone has different family circumstances.


Married or defacto with kids

Married or defacto without kids

Separated or blended families

Families with special needs

Families with business and/or business partners

Complex financial structures

Understanding your family structure, make up and relationships allow us to guide you with decisions in regards to your estate, beneficiaries and structure for any future events.

Another legal document that is recommended as part of your Estate Plan is having an Advanced Healthcare Directive in place.

This looks after your health decisions and living arrangements when you are not able to while you are still alive



When creating your Estate Plan, we need to identify all future potential risks.

These will include:
        – Contesting of your Will
        – Financial abuse
        – Health care abuse
Putting strategies in place to avoid these make common sense when documenting your intentions.


Facilitation and Costs

Estate Planning Done Differently

LGen has deliberately placed themselves in the market for every Australian to be able to afford to create and maintain their Estate Plan.

When we have done your FREE Estate Plan Assessment we can determine the costs involved for you to document and execute your intentions.

WE are much easier than going to lawyers, and a lot more friendly too.


Execution and Storage

LGen provides our clients with secure storage access through our LGen hub.

Your personal and secure client login enables access to your legal documents and other valuable documents, letters and instructions all in the one safe place

Estate Planning The LGen Way!



Regular reviews are encouraged as your life, wealth and family circumstances change to ensure your ongoing legacy.
Our friendly support team will answer any queries you have along the way.


Start your Estate Planning assessment!

Don’t be one of the 85% who does NOT HAVE AN UP TO DATE Estate Plan or Will.

Make a decision TODAY to take care of your legacy.

Click here for your free Estate Plan Assessment