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1) What inspired you to set up your business?

A desire to improve Estate Planning following losing my father at a young age and experiencing the hardship of no provisions being in place. I also experienced multiple Estate Planning sessions after a divorce where I felt Estate Planning lacked compassion, felt transactional and often delivered a poor customer experience.

2) What difference did you set out to achieve?

Via a new approach which makes it easy to engage with Estate Planning and provides an ongoing process for review when intentions change, I wanted to help protect more people and their loved ones.

3) What’s the biggest challenge you face with Estate Planning?

Clients not knowing how to best start or update their Estate Plan or perhaps being unsure of who to trust.

4) How does your approach make life easier for your clients?

We provide easy to work with options, focused on how the client would like to proceed (in person, email, calls or zoom) and their preferred timeframes. Summaries and next steps are also provided at all stages – we pride ourselves on being dependable and building trust.

5) Why choose you? What makes your approach better than the competitors?

We don’t charge in 6 – minute blocks – we approach it as a journey rather than a single transaction and regularly go back to clients to ensure their Estate Plan is still up to date and covers their intentions. You don’t need to deal with lawyers to get your Estate Plan completed, we do that for you.

6) What is the biggest kick you get out of work?

Interacting with clients, solving their Estate Planning challenges and seeing clients realise how easy it is to do.

7) What’s your vision for the business?

Our vision is to be the easiest way to start an Estate Plan in Australia, so you can pass on your wealth to protect your legacy and your loved