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Get your Heart Health Check today

Over 45? Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get your Heart Health Check today

This is an email I received last week from my GP Practice, now we all know heart health is really importantand it’s the number 1 cause of death in Australia.

They state the issue from the very beginning, “We know, we know–nobody likes to think about coronaryheart disease.” Then they provide the statistic “But did you know that one person in Australia suffers a heartattack or stroke every four minutes?” and then offer a solution “Thankfully, there’s a fast and easy way todiscover your risk of coronaryheart disease before it’s too late.” And a very simple call to action “Read on tofind out more about the Heart Health Check and make your appointment today.” Now at no stage do they saythat once the risk is identified, you will need follow a new list ofactions, which generally are;

  • De-stress
  • eat healthier
  • drink less, and
  • Loose weight

Which together are over 90% of the issues that cause the risk of heart attack or stroke in the first place. What they have done here is simplified the process for you,made the barrier togetting the first step to a healthier heart easier even though I’m sure you are aware that if you did the4 items listed above you would be have a healthy heart.

Let’s for fun change this to Estate Planning

  1. There is 100% chance you will decease, no human yet has been able to avoid it and that is not goingto change any time soon. So there is 0% risk you will avoid it.
  2. It happens to someone every 3 mins and 11 seconds in Australia, so more often than a a heart attackor stroke.
  3. During your lifetime you will build an estate and have responsibilities, most likely children that needto be dealt with.
  4. There is over a 85% chance you will be incapacitated to carry out your own affairs during yourlifetime. There is a whole list of incapacity issues; dementia, Parkinson’s, induced commas etc and Ilove this there are also toolkits to be able to access this, click here (hyperlink our NSW Toolkitresource link to the word “here”) to browse what you might be looking at in future years.
  5. There are 3 simple documents that can be created to protect your estate and for you to die, your way and
  6. LGen has created a quick and easy first step to getting all this in place, easy as pie, just click here and it will be done.

So exactly as if you did the Heart Health Check by having your Estate Plan up to date, you would have peace ofmind, feel more in control, less stressed and on your way to a healthier heart, your family and loved oneswouldbe looked after when the unexpected DEATH strikes you!

Just as an FYI, I’ve done mine, my risk is low albeit we have a family history, so I’m on a visitation schedule ofevery 5 years with a cardiologist.