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The Lgen Vision

Our Vision

Every Australian has an up to date, comprehensive Estate Plan that financially & legally protects their loved ones and the wealth they have created, along with providing them surety for their intentions in every phase of their life.

What Does LGen Do?

LGen has created a technical solution to a logical process while still keeping the customer top of mind.

Established in February 2019, the LGen way will ultimately be the leading Estate Planning technology in Australia and potentially the world through our all-inclusive Estate Planning ecosystem.

Designed on Estate Planning workflows, the technology provides an effective and efficient ecosystem, where the customer is always in control of their own legacy. This makes creating or updating a Will and statement of their wishes a seamless process and a more enjoyable experience.

Estate Plans, Wills, and other legal docs have always been seen as a tedious process that involves all too many people. Our simplified process is unique, affordable and effective in making the most of you and your families time together.

Our Story

Many businesses are created from a deep passion of wanting to improve or change the way existing practices are carried out.

This is certainly true with one of our Founders, Jonno.

Growing up in Europe, Jonathan at the early age of one, lost his father because of a car accident. He knows only too well what it is like growing up in a family of five with a single parent who was also the sole income provider.

Having nothing in place in the event of his father’s death, his mother was left with nothing. She moved the family to Australia and started university to educate herself to become a teacher.

Back on her feet, with her kids all grown up and with a new husband, as bad luck would have it, Jonno’s mum, Lorna, inconceivably lost her second husband to a heart attack. For the second time, there were no provisions for her and their combined family.

All his life, in the back of Jonno’s mind, he knew these were extraordinary circumstances and those that could have easily been avoided simply by having plans in place.

Perhaps 50 or so years ago, Wills and Estate Planning was not as common as it is now. But can you believe that more than 50% of Australians to this day still DO NOT HAVE A WILL? Amazingly up to 75% of those who do have a will have failed to have it updated.

From research conducted in early 20191:

  • Only 5% of respondents indicated they had a statement of wishes
  • Only 40% had a Power of Attorney
  • A mere 34% had appointed someone to make their medical decisions
  • Similarly, only 35% were aware of an advance care directive, but only 11% had one in place

Source: OmniPoll research was conducted nationally with 1,287 respondents aged 18+ from 21-26 February 2019.

Having gone through several Estate Planning sessions himself (and a few separations and a divorce) Jonno kept seeing gaps in the Estate Planning space. It lacked passion, compassion, service, reviews, systems and workflows. It always felt transactional as opposed to relationship and customer-centric. He wanted to change this, not only for every Australian but across the globe

Now being as passionate about Estate Planning as life itself, Jonno, along with his fellow founders who also had similar Estate Planning experiences, agreed that it was time for change – a new approach to Estate Planning.

Based on an automated workflow technology platform, the LGen Hub now overcomes the barriers with client education and an ongoing process for review when one’s intentions change. Now combined with a service to assist in Estate Management, LGen has found a solid model to change the world, one Estate Plan at a time.

Rather than tackling one consumer at a time (because that would be way too slow for the founders), they decided to create a system where they can partner with Professionals in the Advisory space and supercharge the process for Australians to be provided with affordable, customer-centric, Estate Planning services