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Thinking of getting better organised in 2024

So have you have made it through all your Christmas logistics yet, how did you think you did, is there room for improvement? The whole end of year, xmas and holiday trifecta hits us every year, it naturally stresses our organisational skills. Did you achieve your annual goals, were your 100% organised for the prefect Christmas and has everything been organised for the holidays?

Well all three are a NO from me but at least there was an improvement on last year. Most of the year I spend a lot of time working and thinking about productivity, how we can improve on it, I work with clients on getting their Wills & Estate Plans set up and updated, so when the expected un-expectantly happens their loved ones are covered, this is part of their Life Admin or more broadly, them being organised, I’d like to say they are all great at responding to my questions in a timely manner.

Getting Organised is always one of the top resolutions each year, there are so many good reasons for being organised, the two main benefits are that it will allow you to do more of the fun things in life and remove issues that generally make you anxious or stressed. Who does not want that in 2024?

Getting organised is not as simple as reading blog posts, downloading an app or even following a system that an “expert” recommends, it’s about creating a way of being organised that is designed by you, for you that will be unique to you. It will have components & skills that you are not even thinking of yet, more on that in the next post.

I’ll state this from the beginning, I’m not organised to a sufficient level that makes me feel comfortable and more importantly in control of my life, so why am I undertaking writing a series of blog posts on getting organised. I have numerous reasons as to my “why” which I’ll cover off in future posts, but I do know that I am qualified to write about getting organised, I am a systems thinker, I have been building systems out personally and for work for nearly 40 years in all areas from logistics to parenting to complex process flows involving thousands of moving parts, be they physical or digital. Additionally, one important key that I have learnt over the last few years is that you cannot tell anyone else what to do, they need to feel part of the process and take ownership of their part of the system, this hugely changes how well a system will work for you and those around you. You, being organised is not just about you but also those you work with, care for, interact with and do activities together.

So how far to you want to take being organised? Is it just a few tweaks here and there or is a complete change of how you experience your life on a day-to-day basis and there is a lot in between. Do you want to be known for being super organised, the I’m super busy and I have everything covered type or be known for living a very simplified ordered, always in control with many hours of free time. Will it be something you work on for many hours each day or maybe just 1!

Let’s say we are all at Point A in our “being organised life”, and we want to get to a better point, let’s call it Point K, which is 10 steps away, what does this point look like for you?

ACTION – Write down what this could look like for you. This can be in any form, bullet points or paragraphs, it could include how it would make you feel, how many hours you want it to take up, how much extra time you want to gain, how well you sleep, new goals or hobbies you want to undertake and even new skills you would like to have.

Have a Happy New Year!