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Why LGen?

Why Use LGen rather than a Lawyer?

While you certainly could use a Lawyer, 96% of Estate Plans don’t require interaction with them. A few
challenges clients tell us they can encounter in the Estate Planning process when working exclusively with Lawyers include…

Time and Cost

Legal documents might not have longevity…so if you’d like to explain, modify, or revoke part of your Will, it will require a new or amended document… costing you
more time and money.


Lawyers might fail to create instructions and workflows for role holders such as executors, attorneys and guardians via timelines and checklists… creating complexity and costing everyone time.


Without access to the documents to be able to update instructions, you can find yourself dependent on lawyers, costing you more time and money.

Combined, the old – fashioned legal approach can end up costing you significant and unnecessary
time and cost while exposing you to unnecessary risk, complexity and dependency.

It doesn’t have to be this way – we provide all the necessary legal documents, so you don’t have to. The 4% of plans which do require a Lawyer? Our Expert legal panel has got you covered.

Why LGen?

LGen’s Will and Estate Planning services protect your legacy and your loved ones, ensuring your
wealth and wishes get passed on as intended. Our Wills and Estate Plans are:

  • Easy to use – Streamlined communication to efficiently create and update plans
  • Great Value – Low fixed price, no need for expensive lawyers
  • High Quality – Quality legal documents and LGen specialists = quality Estate Plans

LGen Hub – Low Fixed Price, Timely Plans

The LGen Hub operates as our Client Relationship Management (CRM) system, assisting communication and plan monitoring for our clients, legal panel and Estate Plan specialists so we can efficiently create and update estate plans at a fixed price without incurring unnecessary legal costs.

Quality Documents and Expertise

Integrating the LGen Hub with quality legal documents and our Estate Plan facilitation specialists creates a “wow, that was easier than expected” feeling for our clients. Our industry – leading tools and processes have been evolving since 2017 as we continue delivering valuable, easy to use and high – quality Estate Plans.

A plan for distributing your wealth is just as important as a plan for accumulating it.

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