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What Are The Challenges We Face?

It’s rarely been viewed as fun…

Let’s face it – Estate Planning has rarely been viewed as fun. Whether it’s delays from Lawyers or the lack of follow up to finalise documents over months or even years, many we speak with have had a less than ideal experience. 

What’s wrong with the current process?

  • Lack of transparency and education on what, when and even if it should even be undertaken
  • Too many parties involved 
  • Transactional/lacks client care 
  • Takes too long
  • Lack of follow through and reviews can leave you vulnerable and your wealth in dispute

Did You Know?

96% of Wills and Estate Plans don’t require any interaction with a Lawyer!

There are also…

  • Incorrect assumptions about the need for a Will/updated Will 
  • Changing circumstances (e: g: new relationships) making it hard to keep Wills current
  • Outdated perceptions that the process has to be long/expensive/complicated via Lawyers

Without knowing what you need and how to best start or update your Estate Plan, is it any wonder that 80% of adult Australians don’t have an up to date Will?

And yet, despite all this…we know we need one…

Do You Have a Current Up-To-Date Will?

Lack of education can leave you vulnerable

Lack of education is the most common reason why people don’t have a properly documented and up to date Estate Plan. Most people think that if they have a Will, their final wishes will be taken care of. After spending decades building your wealth, this lack of understanding can leave you vulnerable and your wealth in dispute.

Contested Wills are the fastest growing area of family law, wasting trillions of dollars every year

We are wasting trillions of dollars of savings, investments and assets in legal fees every year. The lawyers with a ‘no win, no fee’ strategy are the only winners here, attracting grieving family members of the deceased who feel they deserve more.

Avoid the infighting, protect your legacy

To avoid this family infighting and waste of money which erodes your legacy and the protection you were seeking for your loved ones, you need a properly documented and up to date Estate Plan which properly documents your wishes. 

Want to ensure your loved ones are protected?

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